Cave Master

An Adventure for those who wish to know more and have background in geoscience.  

This tour is on request only. 
 3-4 Hrs. The Cave 39.000 ISK

Experience the entity of the mighty Víðgelmir cave. We begin our journey with the aid of our signature walkway. At the end of the walkway we leave the civilised caving world behind and venture on through rarely travelled boulder fields and rugged terrain. This part of the cave has seen few visitors since its formation around 1100 years ago. It is a pristine environment frozen in time, so tread lightly!

This tour is intended for visitors with a background in geoscience. A visit to Víðgelmirs end is a lecture on its formation and environment. An adventure for those who want to know more. 

Trip Info

Caving Duration: 3-4 Hrs. 
Difficulty: 3/5
Price: 39.000 ISK. per person

Departure times 

Available on request only. For more information please contact.
*Guests are required to show up 10-15 min before tour departs.
*Guests are required to sign a legal liability waiver. 
*Hotel pick-up not available.  
*2 person minimum. 
*Gloves and hat are recommended