Into Ice and Lava

Go both beneath the surface of a glacier and below the Earth in a lava cave.

Operated by: Reykjavík Sightseeing. 
 ~11 Hrs.  08:00Reykjavík 39.990 ISK 

We leave early from Reykjavík for Langjökull Ice Cave and Víðgelmir Lava Cave tour. 

You soon learn that in Iceland anything is possible as you step aboard one of the huge specially-modified monster trucks and drive up the glacier to the ice cave.  You'll find yourself standing on top of an ice cap and about to begin your descent down below the surface of glacier to explore what lies beneath.

The ice tunnel or ice cave is a man made glacier cave high up in the remote highlands of Iceland. Your guide will explain how global warming has begun to affect the glacial environment and take you on a magical journey deep in the glacier.

The glacier is in constant motion and we can witness that movement of nature itself first-hand. The temperature inside the glacier is usually around zero degrees Celsius or 32 Fahrenheit and until very recently what lay beneath the surface of Langjökull was a mystery.

After our ice cave tour we get back on board the glacier truck and head back down. We eat lunch at Hotel Húsafell and then go on to explore the mightiest lava cave in Iceland, Víðgelmir.

Your cave guide will show and explain the amazing features of the cave, e.g. the wonderful colours, lava stalactites and stalagmites etc. The unique wooden walkway with railings and lighting make this an easy tour for almost anyone.

This tour is family friendly and ideal for kids. After our adventures we take a scenic route back to Reykjavík.

Note: This tour does not have scheduled lunch time so please bring lunch with you or prebook one from us.