It is Iceland ́s largest and most spectacular - it is the Cave Víðgelmir

Hailed as the mightiest of Iceland's caves, its diversity and grandeur is unrivalled. This makes for an experience not to be forgotten. 
Just shy of 1600 meters / 5250ft, the cave features amazing colours and lava formations that lurk in the depths of the earth. 
We offer a family friendly tour that all generations can enjoy, thanks to our all new signature walkway and feature lighting. 

Natural and rock solid for 1100 years. 

Trip Advisor Reviews

“Absolutely Brilliant. ”

My partner and I originally hadn't heard of this attraction but our tour with 'Into the Glacier' was cancelled and we decided to look around the area for something to do. We were very lucky to find this - it truly made our day. We had an amazing tour guide - Emilia, who really made the experience. 
For the equivalent of £40 pp the walk takes you down the largest lava tube in Iceland - and the rock formations in the tunnel are amazing. Emilia knows her stuff and made brilliant jokes the whole way - we had helmets and lights on which gave it a very adventure-y feel without being too dangerous. It was very cold in the tunnel but luckily we had been prepared for that! 
My highlight from the trip was definitely when we were 700m into the tunnel and we all turned our headlights off! 

A captivating, knowledgeable guide and a beautiful natural phenomenon. Plus I feel I've learnt something about volcanos and lava! I would highly recommend it.

Visited October 2016

“Worth the journey!”

After changing our plans we ended up visiting the cave last minute, and it was well worth braving the weather and roads! As we got there early we had a personal tour with just me and my wife. Very knowledgeable guide (Egill) and some fascinating features! Well worth it and certainly a must for anyone seeking out hidden gems!


“Worth the visit”

A good spacious car park on arrival, with lovely open views, there was a new building with toilet facilities and tables and chairs to sit and you could also buy drinks there. All very clean and modern. 
The tour was excellent. The cave has recently had a board walk put down so easy to walk except for the end of the tour where you need to walk on the ground. The guide was very friendly and had good knowledge. We went on the shorter tour but after wished we went on the 4 hour trip, but we do love caves. 
Defiantly worth the visit if you want a tick on the 'to do list' for lava tunnels. 

Visited October 2016
Angela A

“Great lava cave”

Having visited limestone caves but never a lava cave before, I wasn't sure what to expect. The cave was fascinating. Our tour guide was fantastic- sadly, none of us can recall her name. She had a great sense of humor without being annoying. She was also extremely knowledgeable and personable. We had a 9 and 13 year old with us and she kept their attention as well as she did the adults. Our guide gave a clear and easy to understand explanation of how lava caves are formed and how they change over time. Definitely recommend a visit if you have the time while in Iceland.

Visited April 2017

“Impressive cave and amazing surroundings

We did the self drive and came there a little early. The area around is quite breathtaking with glaciers surrounding the plain that the cave is located on and the Icelandic highlands are close by. 

Everyone was given helmets with lights on and the tour was easy to do and took about an hour and a half. It was very interesting to see the size and greatness of the cave and sometimes its narrow and sometimes you are in large areas. You hear all about how it formed and the tour guide was very informative. The lighting makes the cave all the more dramatic and its great to have the walkway there. 

We recommend warm clothing and thought this was a great value for the money and will recommend this to friends.

Visited November 2016
Sven A