Egill Örn

Make Sense of it All

I like to think of myself as an all-round kind of person, having a difficult time to focus on any one thing, but being a geologist, you might expect me having a thing for rocks. Well, I do.  

What originally drove me to study geology in the first place was the fact that I spent most of my free time hiking, climbing, skiing and staying outdoors. I would never properly know what my environment was or how it came to be. Therefore I studied Geology with a mere focus on glaciers and the landscapes that they create.

Why do I work in a cave?
I had done some caving as a child and I found caves always fascinating and unworldly places. I always liked the challenge of venturing into a cave, testing how claustrophobic I would get. These places are so different from the outside, making me wanting to explore and understand the processes that make and form the features of these majestic places. Aswell, I find teaching a very giving practice and getting other people to understand and respect nature as I do.

Egill Örn S.